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Covenant Health STAFF RN - $15,000 Sign On BONUS Available!!! in Bangor, Maine

Position Summary:

Under the supervision of the VP of Nursing the RN performs patient care functions as approved by the State of Maine Board of Nursing and St. Joseph Hospital policies and procedures. The Charge Nurse in each module will provide supervision for the shift that the RN is assigned to.

Position Responsibilities


A. Failure to maintain current BLS, ACLS or PALS or nursing license will result in inability to work until proof of re-certification

is obtained.

B. Locates emergency devices (i.e. oxygen and gas shut off valves, fire alarms, fire evacuation doors) and is able to verbalize

role during emergency situations (i.e. code red, code blue, code strong and disaster).

C. Provides for the safety of the patients through appropriate use of equipment, supplies and restraints observing universal

precautions and reporting signs of abuse per hospital policy.

D. Admits, transfers and discharges patients including preparing patients for surgery and providing post operative care

according to hospital policy and ASPAN guidelines.

E. Demonstrates ability to care for patients in post-operative condition.

F. Transcribes and verifies physicians’ orders and administers medications and IV fluids according to Hospital policies and


G. Reviews plan of care and updates per policy, prioritizes patient care effectively, initiates discharge planning early and

communicates with ancillary departments to coordinate services.

H. Completes Post Procedure follow up phone calls and collects information and documents patient response in electronic

medical record. Communicates any concerns to anesthesia provider as appropriate.

I. Documents nursing care (including patient education) consistently within charting guidelines and provides necessary

documentation for reimbursement purposes.

J. Demonstrates knowledge of pain assessment and management to include epidural and other pain control devices.

K. Pressure Ulcer Prevention

L. Fall Prevention

M. Voices knowledge of and performs duties of Age Related Categories per current manual : Perry & Potter

N. Documents medication administration per hospital policy

O. Demonstrates knowledge and performance with Omnicell.

P. Demonstrates knowledge of Sigma Spectrum Infusion system and PCA and Epidural delivery devices.

Q. Demonstrates knowledge with restraint policy for proper assessment, release, ADK assistance and documentation (Policy


R. Demonstrates knowledge of suicidal/high risk precautions.

S. Applies seizure pads on seizure prone patients.

T. Ensures environment is safe for patient: free of clutter, side rails up as needed, call bell close at hand, confused patient

observed and monitored as needed.

U. Performs patient transfers safely

V. Assists in positioning the patient as appropriate

W. Applies and cares for antiembolism stockings as ordered.

X. Manages splints and other prosthetic devices as ordered

Y. Utilizes the following equipment safely and within hospital policies:

  1. Sequential stockings

  2. Intermittent and regular wall suction

  3. Any special mattress and overlay (Policy #3-063)

  4. Bed scales and Hoyer lifts

  5. Zoll and life pack monitors (if applicable)

  6. Chest tube drainage system (practices in nursing orientation class)

  7. Beds and stretchers

  8. Feeding pumps

  9. Aqua K Pads

  10. PCA pumps

  11. Hovermat/Jack

  12. Cold Therapy machines

  13. Wound vac including proper application of sponge, how to care for a leak, how to change container and if familiar

    with settings and alarms.

  14. Patient warming and cooling devices

    Z. Utilizes patient call bell system properly for bay (call bells should be answered promptly).

    AA. Utilizes phone system properly to include: placing calls on hold, transferring calls, etc.

    BB. Cares for patients’ elimination and drainage devices including but not limited to:

    CC. Utilizes appropriate methods of infection control through standard precautions and the following:

    DD. States procedure for TB isolation rooms. Mask – Fit annually

    EE. States proper labeling, transport and collection of lab specimens to include/but not limited to UA, C&S, sputum with our

    without gram stain, wound cultures, stools (for Occult blood, O&P, C-Diff, WBC and culture (uses 2 pt. identifiers and

    places label on specimen)

    FF. Demonstrates awareness of potential and acute risks in dealing with patients to include reporting mechanisms,

    documentation and variance report filing (MIDAS)

    GG. Admits patients according to hospital procedure:

    HH. Demonstrates knowledge with transferring a patient from one unit to another.

    II. Demonstrates knowledge with Logicare system

    JJ. Demonstrates ability to perform and/or assist with the following procedures including but not limited to.

    KK. Establishes priority order for patient care activities to include the following:

  15. Performs vital signs on patient to include pulses (sites as indicated), respirations, blood pressure, temperature, and

    O2 sat level as indicated by patient condition per PACU protocol

  16. Communicates needed information to other personnel and clinical leader/charge nurse. Notifies clinical

    leader/charge nurse of change in patient’s condition

  17. Demonstrates proper placement of electrodes & connection for cardiac monitoring.

  18. Utilizes glucose meter per manufacturer’s instructions to include correct technique and recording, quality checks

    every 24 hours, and annual quality control.

    LL. Demonstrates knowledge with disposal of items: i.e. Pharmaceutical waste, sharps, container, etc.

    MM. Provides nursing care for the patient requiring a continuous medication infusion.

    NN. Administers IVs according to hospital policy and procedure (Policy #3.043.1)

    OO. Administers blood/blood products from lab and performs two nurse identifications of patient and blood.

    PP. Demonstrates ability to view procedure preps i.e. IVP, CT, Nuclear med, scans, MRI, etc.

    QQ. Demonstrates ability to view procedural preps; i.e. 1VP, CT, Nuclear med, scans, MRI, etc.

    RR. Demonstrates knowledge and use of respiratory assistive devices to include: oxygen flow meters, oxygen wall outlets,

    cylinder oxygen tanks, nasal canulas, ventimask, non-rebreather masks, t-tubes, trach collars and face vent masks

    SS. Demonstrates knowledge and performance of suctioning to include proper technique, proper use of equipment, pre-

    oxygenation/hyperinflation, oxygenation monitoring, nasotracheal suctioning, oral suctioning

    TT. Demonstrates knowledge and performance of oxygenation monitoring to include:

  19. ABG’s (know normal values)

  20. Pulse oximetry use

    UU. Demonstrates knowledge and performance of trach care to include: size trach, secure trach, cuff pressure and trach tube


    VV. Demonstrates knowledge and performance in caring for patient with chest tube .

    WW.Demonstrates knowledge and performance in caring for patient with neurological symptoms to include: Glascow coma

    scale, neuro checks, CVA, seizure, etc.

    XX. Demonstrates knowledge and performance in caring for patient with Lumbar, Laminectomy and Discectomy.

    YY. Demonstrates knowledge and performance in caring for patient with Craniotomy.

    ZZ. identifies RNs role in coordination of services to include:

  21. Wound and Ostomy Care RN

  22. Pastoral Care

  23. Occupational, Physical and Speech therapy

  24. Respiratory Therapy

  25. Durable medical equipment (DME)

    AAA. Demonstrates knowledge of core measures; i.e. Stroke, Acute MI, Pneumonia, Overlap therapy, DVT, Prophylaxis,


    BBB. Demonstrates knowledge and performance in caring for patient with orthopedic repairs as delineated in orientation and

    yearly competencies.

    CCC. Effectively performs cardiac and respiratory assessments, correctly identifies rhythms, demonstrates appropriate care of

    patient and administers cardiovascular drugs per protocol.

    DDD. Effectively performs respiratory assessments and identifies appropriate care and sedation of a patient on a ventilator.

    Effectively performs sedation vacation daily and documents patient response and partners with Respiratory Therapy to

    facilitate ventilator weaning.

    EEE. Effectively demonstrates knowledge and performance of hemodynamic monitoring.

    FFF. Demonstrates knowledge of Critical drips and effectively administers and titrates infusion to desired patient response.

    GGG. Demonstrates Critical thinking skills in emergent situations and effectively manages patient emergencies.

    HHH. Demonstrates the ability to assist in the insertion of, management of and removal of PACU specific patient care items.

    i.e arterial lines, oral or nasal airways.

    III. Ability to cross train to other perioperative departments to include PAT, ASU and Endoscopy.

    JJJ. Performs other duties as assigned by Clinical Leader or charge nurse and Director of Perioperative Services.

    Criteria Specific to Clinical Leader/Charge RNs:

    A. Assigns patients to nurses according to competence and ASPAN guidelines. Ensures that staff take their breaks. Takes a

    patient assignment according to the needs of the unit, and makes appropriate decisions relative to staffing in

    collaboration with the supervisor.

    B. Makes rounds with the medical staff as needed and facilitates notification of physician re; changes in patient condition,

    laboratory values, etc.

    C. 1. Coordinates unit activities for that shift (i.e. directing patient flow/room assignments, attendance of inservices by staff) and ensures that patient handoff occurs timely. 2. Assess/makes rounds on patient assigned to contingents, floats and LPNs. Acts as a clinical resource. Assists in overseeing the proper orientation of new staff and supports good customer service and quality patient care by addressing patient satisfaction issues and identifying risk issues.

    D. Makes out staffing schedule and grants time off per department guidelines.

    E. Performs other duties as assigned by Director of Perioperative Services including but not limited to development of policies

    and procedures, collection of quality data.



    Current Maine RN license

BLS within 30 days of hire ACLS within 90 days of hire PALS within 1 year of hire

Bachelor's Degree preferred

Other Skills Required:

Must be a team player, have strong communication skills as well the ability to multi-task.

Flexible hours

Covenant Health Mission Statement

We are a Catholic health ministry, providing healing and care for the whole person, in service to all in our communities.

Our Core Values:


We show respect, caring and sensitivity towards all, honoring the dignity of each person, especially the poor, vulnerable and suffering.


We promote justice and ethical behavior, and responsibly steward our human, financial and environmental resources.


We work in partnership, dialogue and shared purpose to create healthy communities.


We deliver all services with the highest level of quality, while seeking creative innovation.

Applicants, employees and former employees are protected from employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, or gender identity), national origin, age (40 or older), disability, and genetic information (including family medical history).