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Job Information

Northwest Florida Community Hospital Controller in Chipley, Florida

Job Summary:

The Controller, under the direction of the CFO, has responsibility for directing and coordinating all hospital activities concerned with general accounting, including preparing general ledger entries in conjunction with monthly closing processes and reconciles general ledger accounts. The Controller is responsible for ascertaining that hospital internal controls are adequate to safeguard the hospital’s assets and that systems are in place and functioning that will generate accurate financial reporting. The Controller is to assist the CFO in the daily operations of the hospital financial business operations.


Baccalaureate Degree in Business Administration desired.


Desirable characteristics include proficiency in written and verbal communications, possess ability

to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the public; and a minimum of three

to five years experience in a health care institution. Must be able to follow directions and to

perform work according to corporate standards.

General Responsibilities:

  1. Works with the CFO to insure that financial statements are accurate and fairly report results of operation.

  2. Reconciles Balance Sheet accounts monthly. Prepares and submits associated reconciliation packages to the appropriate personnel.

  3. Makes recommendation to the CFO concerning means of reducing hospital operating costs and increasing revenues based on market trends, financial reports, and operating procedures

  4. Assists facility department managers with the analysis and interpretation of their department financial statements so that they can reflect and explain variances from previous periods and budgets.

  5. Coordinates compilation of data in preparation of financial and operating reports for planning effective administration of hospital activities by management.

  6. Ascertains that hospital policies are adhered to.

  7. Assists facility department managers in preparing hospital budget based on past, current, and anticipated expenditures and revenues.

  8. Reconciles facility fixed assets and related accumulated depreciation accounts with the hospital policies.

  9. Evaluates general accounting and patient accounting procedures to plan and implement procedures for insuring timely receipt of payment on patient accounts, reducing costs of accounting operations, and expediting flow of work.

  10. Evaluates new or modified accounting systems to provide complete accurate reports and hospital assets, liabilities and financial transactions.

  11. Trains subordinates, and monitors their performance to insure that financial responsibilities are fulfilled.

  12. Develops contacts outside of the hospital with persons important to the hospital’s fiscal operations.

  13. Stays current on issues important to fiscal operations through professional development seminars.

  14. Assists CFO in overseeing specific operations of specific departments.

  15. General supervision and direction of the Accounting department.

  16. Responsible for carrying out duties as assigned by the CFO.

  17. Submits to Administration a plan of operation for each assigned area.

  18. Assists the CFO in the development of the annual management plan.

  19. Perform any other duties that may be necessary for the operation of the hospital.

  20. Assists Administration in working with Medical Staff and with all those concerned with the rendering of professional services.