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Fairmont Hygiene Manager in Istanbul, Turkey

Hygiene Manager Complete responsibility for the highest level of sanitation and hygiene standards in the hotel. To ensure all food served to guests and employees are free from microbiological and physical contamination, and all work areas confirm to minimum requirements set by the local health authorities.

Main Duties Personal Hygiene: To implement: Critical Control Points System Control system procedures Evaluation of corrective actions Staff medical records updating system Hand wash basins are available near each work area Gloves must be worn in cold kitchen / pastry / butchery and areas where raw food items are handles Staff wash their hands thoroughly and as often as necessary Excessive jewellery is not to be worn in the kitchen. Uniform to be changes at least on a daily basis. All infections on the hands of the employees are covered. Hair should always be clean and tidy and chefs to wear a headgear. Smoking is prohibited in the kitchen. To keep the changing rooms in a clean and tidy condition. To carry out training in hygiene food preparation practices. To implement Critical control points. Food & Beverage and Engineering preventive maintenance list. Action plan rectification. To ensure: Access to the kitchen is limited as far as possible to the kitchen employees. Area used to prepare raw food is separated from the cooked food. Waste containers are covered, kept clean and emptied regularly. Floor, ceiling, drainage, chillers, dishwashing machine and kitchen equipment must be kept in good working condition. Delivery and Storage To implement: Tracking system for control of supplier operating licences. Daily checklist by shift for chillers temperature control. Control of dry store food rotation. To ensure: Specification / quality / delivery records for perishable food items. Items to be removed from delivery packaging and transferred in washable containers. Sufficient and well maintained refrigeration equipment functioning at correct temperatures. Daily spot check on storage conditions and holding temperatures. Food stock rotation practices are adhered to. Preparation and Storage To implement: Cooking control points Storage control points Serving control points To ensure: Segregation of all raw and cooked food procedures are strictly observed. To carry out sanitizing / disinfection procedures. Temperature and time controls are in place to ensure that all cooking is thorough and properly carried out. To ensure rapid chilling after cooking To ensure appropriate holding for at hot temperatures until serving. Food not consumed must be disposed off immediately. Cleaning To implement: Regular tour of the house with the Executive Chef / Chief Steward and the Duty Engineer. Weekly hygiene committee to review minutes and outstanding issues. Dishwashing control points. To ensure: To put the new daily work routines into practice, to monitor compliance with good practice and to lead the preventative hygiene measures. Adapt the health & safety recommendations and requirements to the hotel. Make sure that the team is fully briefed on procedures. Ensure the implementation of the 16 ALLSAFE label standarts and other required actions. Display communication supports throughout in the hotel. Stay up date of changes to legislation in order to adapt procedures accordingly. Supervise online customer feedback & reviews regarding hygiene & ensure follow up. Sanitation / Disinfection of all critical surfaces and utensils. Correct concentration for chemical products. Application of correct chemical for correct use. Items protected from contamination after disinfection. Suitable methods are used to make sure that cleaning is effective. To check the temperature of wash and rinse. All equipment used for cleaning is to be hygienically stored. Cleaning products are to be safely stored away from food. Cleaning products are to be properly labelled and identified. Training To implement: Involvement in Food Safety training for food handlers. Evaluation of efficiency of training from chemical suppliers.

Qualification A Hygiene Manager serving Fairmont brands is always working on behalf of our Guests and working with other Team Members. To successfully full this role, you should maintain the attitude, behaviours, skills, and values that follow: Minimum two to three years work experience as Hygiene Manager in a hotel or similar large restaurant complex, preferable prerequisite is experience in the Hotel industry Responsible self-starter, capable of handling multi-faceted projects and of working under pressure Good communication and guest relation's skills, a proactive problem solver Creative with international culinary focus and flare. Attention to detail Team player, who values teamwork, has good team building skills and is able to communicate effectively with all levels of team members Equips and motivates team members to achieve predetermined goals, installing and maintaining appropriate empowerment Programs