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Job Information

Northwell Health Kitchen Worker (Food Service Associate) - Patient Food Service in Mount Kisco, New York

Req Number 12414

Job Description

Job Description

Under the supervision of the Food Service Supervisor, prepares and portions food items for patients and cafeteria, maintaining high standards of sanitation.

Job Responsibility


  1. Prepares portions and garnishes cold food items (sandwiches, cold plates and salad bar items, desserts, fruit, etc.) for the cafeteria and/or patient food service, according to established recipes and portion sizes. Preparation for following day as necessary.

  2. Maintains high levels of department sanitation according to N.Y. State Sanitary Code. Cleans and sanitizes work area, equipment and does any additional cleaning requested by management.

  3. Must maintain a high level of professional appearance at all times - clean and proper uniforms.

  4. Maintains high standards of food handling, proper use of gloves and hair restraint, proper use of utensils for portioning and correct storage of leftovers. Labels all food for storage using date labels.

  5. Sets up and works on tray line, assembling patient trays, assuring accuracy and timeliness.

  6. Maintains and properly utilizes equipment. Alerts management to any problems or need for replacements.

  7. Delivers trays to patients following proper procedure.

  8. Sets up supplies for patient floors as ordered.

  9. Runs dish machine according to operating directions. Records dish machine wash and rinse tank temperatures on log sheet. Cleans dish machine at end of every meal service.

  10. Unloads and restacks clean trays with tray liners, plates mugs and line up trucks in proper sequence for next meal.

  11. Deliver late trays as necessary (K2, K4, K5 and Room Service).

  12. Sets up special feedings on proper trucks.

  13. Prepares utensil kits as needed.

  14. Sweeps and mops floors, empties garbage cans and department garbage bins.

  15. Takes initiative, makes extra effort and follows through on assigned duties.

  16. Serves cafeteria food. Records all sales information accurately (cafe positions).

  17. Delivers and retrieves special catered meals and coffees. Sets up tables with tablecloths and arranges items in a neat and organized manner.

  18. Meets time schedule deadlines.

  19. Adheres to specific department policies.

  20. Attends mandatory Hospital, fire safety and department-scheduled meetings/in-services.

  21. Works well with co-workers and supervisors.

*ADA Essential Functions

Job Qualification

  • Must have basic reading skills (to read recipes, production lists, etc.).

  • Two year's experience in Hospital Food Service, preferable in food handling.