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JOB REQUIREMENTS: Summary: The Teacher is responsible for the implementation of the Head Start Performance Standard including the Educational Services Plans. Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned. For example, development of age-appropriate classroom environment for 3-5-year-old children, implementing the curriculum, and incorporate cultural activities, development of block lesson plans. Will be responsible for ensuring the health and safety of the children at all times during scheduled program activities. Will provide guidance and technical assistance to the Assistant Teacher. Will implement screening and assessments as outlined by the program. Will provide and maintain a neat orderly arrangement, appearance, and learning environment in the classroom. Will maintain appropriate documentation on the children and classroom activities as required. Will be required to conduct a minimum of two (2) home visits per child within assigned homeroom per school year and two-parent conferences. Will maintain confidentiality following the Privacy Act.Will attend staff meetings, any other meetings, and training as required. Classroom Responsibilities: 1.Must do daily lesson plans, observations, monitor Individual Education Plan (IEP), and anecdotal notes. 2.Maintain a routine daily schedule, allow for flexibility. 3.Must implement age-appropriate and cultural materials. 4.Provide activities that promote social and emotional development. a)Provide a balanced daily program of child-initiated and adult-directed activities, within an individual, small and large group. b)Cultural activities. c)Ensure that the program environment encourages children to develop emotional security in social relationships. d)Integrate activities that will encourage children to explore independence such as selecting their activities and learning center of the choice. 5.Provide activities that will develop each child's cognitive and language skills. a)Activities will reflect emerging literacy and memory according to the development of each child. 6.Development for creative self-expression through art, music, movement, and dialogue will be encouraged through daily activities/lesson plans.7.Development of motor skills to each child's development level will include appropriate time, space, and equipment. 8.Integrate all education aspects of healthy nutrition, and mental health services into program activities. 9.Maintain and update classroom environment that encourages development among children. a. An environment that promotes acceptance respect of gender. b. An environment that is inclusive for children with disabilities. c. A safe environment. (See Safety Area) 10.Must do the individual assessment on all students. 11.Will provide screening to all children utilizing the Ages and Stages within 45 days of enrolment. 12.Must understand an Individual Education Plan. (IEP) 13.Will provide services following IEP. 14.Provide services addressing health concerns including IEP. 15.Observe and document each child's physical appearance to detect any signs of injuries or illness. Including any change in emotions and behaviors when necessary. 16.Familiarize parents of all health and developmental procedures administered. 17.Will post policies and plans for medical and dental emergencies in each classroom. 18.Allow and enable children to independently utilize child-size bathroom facilities. 19.If deemed necessary, the classroom Teacher will take learning activities to a child with a short-term injury or other physical condition that prevent the child from participating in a classroom setting. 20.The Teacher is responsible for the administration and handling of medication. 21.All staff members will receive First Aid training, which is kept current on an annual basis. 22.All classrooms will keep a well-equipped First Aid Kit and restock when needed. 23.Will keep a "Bio Quick-n-Clean" kit in each classroom and use it ***** OTHER EXP RIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: Experience working in an economically disadvantaged community including cultural sensitivity. Must possess responsible past attendance record. ***** APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Apply In Person: Chief Black Bird Center 72682 Maple Street Odanah, WI Mail a R sum : Human Resources Office Chief Black Bird Center P.O. Box 39 Odanah, WI 54861 E-Mail a R sum : Apply Online:\_App\_Fillable.pdf Fax a R sum : 715-685-9442 E-Mail a Work Application: Other: Please submit resume and application. This job is with a Native American tribal business or is located on tribally owned lands. Laws governing employment may differ from the State of Wisconsin's. You may wish to discuss this with the employer before accepting the position.